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4 Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

By March 7, 2011No Comments

Carpet Cleaning Idaho fallsThere have always been myths and misconceptions regarding every facet of life. Idaho Falls carpet cleaning is no different. Here at Tobin Cleaning and Restoration we want to clear up these several misconceptions regarding carpet cleaning: waiting to clean your carpet, one cleaner is as good as any other, cleaning your carpets makes them get dirtier, and the lowest price is the best choice. Read through and discover what makes these seemingly good ideas, bad mistakes.

Misconception #1
Misconception #2
Misconception #3
Misconception #4

While many misconceptions have their start in a truth, there are more than enough advancements that if any of these were founded in truth they no longer have any legitimate standings and are relegated into myths, wives tales, and misconceptions. Get the professionals to clean your carpets and you won’t have to worry about these misconceptions.

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