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Clean is Clean When it Comes to Carpets

By March 9, 2011No Comments

Carpet Cleaning Idaho fallsSome people have heard that cleaning causes carpets to become dirty faster. This may have been true back when soap, or a soapy substance, was used to attempt to get clean carpets.  However, if you go with a professional cleaning company you won’t have to worry about any soap being left behind and causing havoc on your carpet.

Soap is designed to absorb and dissolve dirt so that the area you are cleaning is dirt-free.  However, the way soap is designed presents a problem.  Soap has two facets to it: the part that works with the water, and the part that works with the dirt.  If any soap is left on the carpet as the water dries it leaves your carpet with dirty, dry soap residue.

So instead of having a clean carpet you have a soapy carpet along with the dirt attracting part of the soap that was left behind.  Since the one and only function of soap is to attract dirt, it will keep on doing so, making your carpet look even dirtier than before you washed it.

There is a difference when you have your carpets cleaned by a professional and when you attempt to clean your carpet yourself.  This misconception may hold true for you if you try cleaning your carpet and not letting a professional carpet cleaner do what he does and knows best.  Don’t let this unfortunate misconception happen to you.  Call a professional and save time and money.  Your carpets will stay clean longer with no soap residue to absorb any dirt near it.

At Tobin Cleaning and Restoration we can help you have the cleanest carpets possible for the longest amount of time.

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