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What should you look for when choosing a restoration company?

By June 9, 2009No Comments

What should you look for when choosing a restoration company?

  • Experience
  • Facility
  • Equipment
  • Insurance Relationships


Every job is a little bit different.  There is quite a bit of expertise needed to restore your house, business or other property to a pre-loss, pre-damaged condition.  Experience is key to restoring your house properly; overcoming any obstacles that may arise.  Providing you with quality work, and helping you get back to your way of life.


The restoration company’s facility needs to be the proper size to store the property.   Provide an environment to properly store, and protect your belongings.  The restoration company’s employees need to have the proper training and certifications to handle, transport and store your belongings.  This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your property will be properly handled and protected.


Equipment and proper training allow your restoration company to do their job correctly, and in timely manner.  Equipment should be updated on a regular basis, training, and certifications should be kept current.

Tobin Restoration uses the latest technology;  especially their drying and cleaning equipment.  To properly clean, and restore your property.  Helping get your life back to normal faster.

Insurance Relationships

Good relationships with insurance adjusters is very important.  This good relationship helps your restoration company manage the job better, complete the project faster, and make the work along the way go a lot smoother.

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