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Spring Time Tips for Homes

By April 12, 2012No Comments

Spring feels like it is here and that means we will be spending more time outside. Take advantage of this warmer than normal temperatures and taking care of your home early to make sure you are ready for the summer fun. To help you in having a worry free spring and summer, here are some easy steps you can use to prepare your home. The majority of these tasks can be completed by a “handy” homeowner. If you feel that you really can’t do it, it is best to call a qualified professional. Maintaining your home this spring will ensure your home is in good shape throughout the summer.


Clean your windows, both inside and out and you will be surprised at how much more light is able to come in. While you’re at it, check for any cracked or damaged window glazing and panes along with seeing how well your weather-stripping is doing. Replace any worn weather-stripping and you’ll keep the cool air in and the warm air out!

Keeping The Bugs Out

While you have your screens out washing windows, now is the perfect time to clean those too.  Take time to inspect them so that you are not fighting any bugs that may come through.

Checking Your Stride

The winter weather is rough on the exterior of your home. Spring is a good time to inspect the wood components, especially the siding, for wood rot and wind damage. Pay special attention to areas where paint is missing or chipping away, and where caulking is missing or pulling away. It is always better to catch problems and get them repaired while the damage is small, since it will only get worse each time it rains.

Circulate the Air

If your home is equipped with an attic fan, turn it on to be sure it is still working before the 90 degree weather hits! Crawlspaces should be sure that the vents are open and free of debris to help airflow and reduce moisture under your home. Also be sure that the screens are in good repair so that you don’t let unwanted critters in (i.e. Skunks, cats, birds ect.). Indoors, clean HVAC vents and change the filter which should be changed out every 3 months or sooner. Now is also a good time to be sure the AC works before the summer heat gets here.

Indoor Air Quality

Along with changing your HVAC air filter get your ducting cleaned and your carpets cleaned will help keep your allergens in check.  Spring and Fall are both great times to get your carpets cleaned.  Carpets act something like an air filter, when the cold air return pulls the air down, the air that travels across the carpet will be filtered a little before returning to the furnace. By cleaning the carpets you will have better, cleaner smelling air.

Check Your Outside Utilities

Turn on the water at the hose bib to make sure that it flows correctly and then hook up your hose and let it pressure up and look for leaks.  If there are leaks fix them or get a pro to fix them.  Check all outdoor outlets to make sure they work so you have power when you need it.

Help is On the Way

Don’t wait until something breaks to find someone to repair your home. It is huge investment. It is a good idea to have the name and # of a good professional. Tobin Cleaning and Restoration should be at the top of that list.

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