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By: Michelle Tunquist

The stress and work of buying a new carpet is worth it once you see the end result.  New carpet in your home looks and feels great.  After searching multiple stores and perusing possibly hundreds of samples, it is a great relief to enjoy the way the new carpet brightens your home and makes the whole house feel new again.  Plus, that warranty that came with your carpet, makes it so that you don’t have to worry about possible spills and stains.  While the warranty is nice, it is important to read the fine print and discover that how you care for your carpet affects whether your warranty will be honored.

Professional Cleaning a Must to Protect Warranty

Most carpet warranties will make it clear that no carpet is completely stain proof.  In fact, the warranty will provide directions for protecting the carpet and recommend professional carpet cleaning to protect the carpet and keep your warranty valid.  Effectively, if you don’t take care of your carpet, neither will the warranty.  How often your carpet requires professional cleaning depends on the type of traffic and conditions to which it is exposed, however, you may want to have it cleaned between every 6 to 24 months.  24 months is the fewest recommended by the carpet warranty, and most likely you’ll need it more often than that.  

Preventative Maintenance

The best thing you can do to protect your carpet is to prevent dirt and stains from seeping into and destroying the carpet.  Protect your warranty and your carpet with a few simple preventative measures:  

  • Keep Dirt and Soil Off the Carpet—Use mats at entrances and at other points in the house to provide places for dirt and soil to be walked off.  Keep sidewalks and entrances free of excess dirt by sweeping frequently.
  • Vacuum Frequently—Dirt and dust have sharp particles that will ruin the carpet if left.  Vacuum frequently to remove dirt and prevent it from abrading the pile of your carpet.  
  • Clean Spills Immediately—Most carpet is not stain proof, rather it is stain resistant, which buys you time to clean the stain before it sets.  
  • Get it Professionally Cleaned—Getting it properly cleaned by a professional company will help your carpet maintain its appearance.  

Spill Removal

Don’t let spills turn into stains by quickly cleaning any messes before they turn into a problem.  Follow these tips to remove any messes from the carpet.  

  • Scrape—Remove as much of the spill as possible.  Use a spoon or knife to gently scrape the carpet to remove the dirt or food.  
  • Absorb—Blot any wet spills with paper towels or cloth to remove as much excess liquid as possible.
  • Blot—Always blot and never rub or scrub.  Rubbing and scrubbing can make the carpet fuzzy.  Start from the outside and work your way in, to prevent the spill from spreading.
  • Rinse—Use water to rinse away any detergent used to remove the spot.  Residue from cleaning supplies may cause the carpet to get sticky or soiled.  
  • Weight—Remove remaining moisture by placing down several layers of white towels and weigh them down with an item that will not transfer color.  
  • Repeat—Some stains may need repeat cleaning before they are removed.  

If you cannot  remove a stain by yourself, try calling a professional cleaner to remove the spot.  While not all spots can be removed, a professional cleaning company has the tools, skills and knowledge to remove stains that you might not be able to.  

Professional Cleaning Protects Look of Carpet

Enjoy the new look of your carpet for as long as possible by getting it professionally cleaned frequently.  Clean carpets look and feel great, allowing you to enjoy them for as long as possible.  Keep that feeling from the day the carpet was installed by getting it cleaned.  Clean carpets have a way of making the whole house look and feel wonderful.  Call Tobin Cleaning and Restoration today to schedule a carpet cleaning.  


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