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Mistakes that Result in Fire Damage

By March 13, 2012One Comment

There are many easy fixes that will go a long way in preventing a fire from starting. The most common mistake that compounds many other potential fire hazards is neglect. It is easy to forget until it becomes a problem and even then it may be forgotten or ignored until its too late or dangerously close to too late.

Neglect turns into dust, grease, and dirt blocking and inhibiting appliances and other household systems. Did you know that your dryer has a vent that needs to be cleaned before it becomes clogged and builds up very flammable lint? How about the electrical system that might be damaged by pests or insects, exposing live wires to flammable materials?

Too many fires are preventable but too many homeowners don’t put in the necessary time and effort to correct those simple mistakes. So, here are 5 steps to eliminating common household mistakes in order to prevent fires and subsequent fire damage.

1. Inspect your electrical system
2. Maintain a clean cooking environment
3. Simplify your circuit breaker
4. Be cautious with what you leave on
5. Check all vents regularly

It is better to spend the time before anything damaging happens than to spend the money to replace and repair what has been damaged by a fire. Take the steps today to fix those problems before they come mistakes.

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