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By: Karli Willden

Life after a disaster is a real struggle. Your normal routines suddenly change to adapt to the needs of your broken home, your budget is suddenly a lot tighter, and your comfort level has suddenly sunk to new levels of low. It can be difficult to start over and put back the pieces of your broken home. You are in over your head and you feel the pressures start to overwhelm you. While all of these things drop on your doorstep all at once, there are a few tips to help you put your life back together one day at a time.

Pocatello Fire Damage

Assess Your Needs: Before the work begins assess what needs to be done. Prioritize what needs to be taken care of immediately and what things can be put off for a little while if the budget requires. Determine if you need professional help to restore your home and prevent future problems. Is there water damage that can cause mold to grow? Is there smoke damage that may cause health problems to you and your family? Does your home need significant repairs or can it easily be fixed with handyman skills? If you are unsure what needs to be addressed immediately, feel free to call Tobin Restoration at 208-523-1080.

Start Small: A devastating disaster means a long list of to-do’s. Despite the intimidating list of to-do’s, there are things which can be done everyday to move forward with your disaster cleanup. Whether it is debris clean up, organizing trash piles, relocation of belongings, or organization of a help crew, each of these things can be done a little at a time to move you in the right direction. If your budget is tight, start with the small things that you can afford and work along until the house is fixed. Before you know it everything will be restored back to its original frame.

Get Help: The burdens of a disaster can be eased with lots of helping hands. There are some things that you may think you can do on your own, but realistically should be addressed by professionals. Personal handyman skills are great and can save you a lot of money, as long as the work is done right. Work that is not done properly will cause more work, more damages, and money to refix. It is best to restore your home to its proper frame immediately to eliminate potential risks. Professionals are willing to help you through this disaster and to help you get your life back to normal. Learn more about professional help available to restore your home back to its prime condition.

Clean-up: The sooner that the cleanup process begins, the better for damage control. The longer you wait to begin the cleanup process, the faster the effects of the disaster will take its toll on the house. The storm may be over, but damages may continue to pose threats. Water damage, mold, smoke, and other problematic issues should be addressed immediately.  It is important that your home is thoroughly cleansed after a disaster, particularly flooding, to ensure that bacteria, mold, grime, or smoke does not cause unwanted health problems.

Plan Ahead: Remember that life moves on after a disaster. Some things can be repaired, others things cannot, but the important thing is to move forward and prepare for the future.  Sometimes there are things which can be done to prevent future disasters. During the repair and reconstruction process, make note of things that can be changed to make your home a safer place. Make sure that important repairs are made for your home so that it can better withstand the elements of nature.


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