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One of the first things to do when there is a musty smell in the basement is find the source of the water. A few different strategies that can be done right off the bat are air out the basement, identify any mold that could be present, use household products to absorb odors and hire a professional company to ensure that the basement has been restored.

Air It Out

Once the source of water is found, the area then needs to be aired out completely. If the basement has windows or doors, open them up to encourage airflow. A portable fan can also be used to bring air from outside into the room. A dehumidifier is another useful option to rid the water from the area.
Depending on how much standing water there is or how smelly the room is, it could take a while before it returns back to normal. It’s critical to be thorough with the process to avoid severe consequences. Any residue of water can cause long term consequences such as molding, rotting or structural damage.

Search for Mold

Another thing to search for in the basement is mold. Mold gives off a musty smell so it is likely that it could be the root cause or one of the main causes to the musty smell. By the time the musty smell has been identified, there’s a chance that it has started to grow because it can grow in 1-2 days on a damp surface. Mold can also cause health issues and should therefore be eliminated immediately.

Other Methods to Rid Odors

One effective method for getting rid of the musty smell is to put baking soda into bowls and spread them out throughout the smelly area. Baking soda, white vinegar and cat litter are other household products that can absorb odors.
The key is not waiting too long to avoid irreversible damage to the basement from a flood. Once there is a musty smell identified, it’s essential to find the cause of the odor immediately. If there is still an issue with a musty smell in the basement after a flood, then it’s time to seek help from Tobin Restoration.

Hire a Professional

Another suggestion is calling a professional company right away rather than waiting to try some of the previously mentioned strategies. This will save time, reduce stress and leave it to the restoration company to do what they’re good at. It is critical to call professionals to do an inspection of the affected area, regardless if they will be hired to complete the job. They will ensure the basement is clear of water damage to avoid long lasting effects on the house.
When researching restoration companies, ask them for their certification. Hiring a company that is IICRC certified can provide reassurance that they are highly qualified and experienced professionals who know how to get the job done right. Rest assured that they will take care of the musty smell in the basement and return the basement back to its original condition.