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Charlotte Fire in Pocatello

By June 29, 2012No Comments

Pocatello Charlotte Fire

Posted on Local News 8

In Pocatello the Charlotte fire has burnt 20 homes and damaged countless others.  All the staff here at Tobin Cleaning and Restoration feel for the all victims of any fire.
It is always sad to see such destruction and the disruption in peoples lives. The Charlotte Fire has put off lots of smoke and that may displace even more Family’s.
Things to remember when fire is nearby are:

  1. Get your most valuable possession (family) and biggest needs(medicine and  paper work) ready to evacuate if needs be
  2. Close your windows and doors if possible to reduce the Smoke
  3. Don’t be afraid to leave if the smoke gets thick.
  4. When you leave, be sure to let people know(friends, family, leaders)
  5. Try to be with a group

When you return home there may be smoke damage to your home.  If there is, you will need to call your insurance agent and a reputable smoke restoration company.  Cleaning up after smoke can be difficult because it gets into every little crack and crevasse’s. Without cleaning it the some smell will be there for a vary long time. If you own one of the homes that did get consumed with the Charlotte Fire you will need to call your agent and get a reputable fire restoration company to help you rebuild.

We are here to help you in your rebuilding process and to get your life back to normal. You have the option of using whoever you want to use even if your Insurance Agent recommends someone else, you have the final say if you want them or another company to do the work for you. We have been helping families in these types of situation for the last 40 years and know the tender touch that is required to make your house back into a home. Again our hearts go out to all the victims of all fires but especially at this time the Charlotte Fire Family’s. We hope that life is back to normal real soon.

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