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By: Michelle Tunquist

A major reason to use a professional cleaning service is because professional service includes professional tools. Tobin Cleaning & Restoration has the right tools to get the job done well.  In fact, Tobin Cleaning & Restoration is home to the revolutionary Esporta iS4000 wash system. It has proven to clean 2x as well as regular washing systems and dry cleaners.  With the Esporta iS4000, we can clean and restore 85% of damaged items previously considered a lost cause at 20% of the replacement cost.  If your household items have been damaged by flood, fire, or mold, we can help. 

What it Does

The Esporta iS4000 restore soft contents of your home to pre-disaster conditions.  Items that the Esporta can restore include, but are not limited to:

  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Outerwear
  • Pillows
  • Purses/Bags
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Leather
  • Sports Equipment
  • Ceramic Collector Dolls

The Esporta can clean 85% of items previously deemed unsalvageable at 20% of replacement cost. If you have items that have been ruined during a home disaster, it may be possible to restore them. Many times sentimental and irreplaceable items have been restored successfully. This washing system can clean and restore many items ruined by:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Mold
  • Extreme Damage

How it Works

The patented washing system holds items stationery and passes them through detergent filled water.  Hydraulic action removes soot and bacteria with environmentally friendly detergent. Together they remove 99% of contaminants while allowing materials to retain structural integrity. The ATP sampling systems allows for field verification of sanitation.  All items are sanitized to food grade specifications.  There are four stages of cleaning that result in restored soft contents:


  • Stage 1 Attacks bacteria and breaks down organic material to eliminate odors.
  • Stage 2 Emulsifier and surfactant removes contaminates.
  • Stage 3 Natural disinfectants kill bacteria and mold.
  • Stage 4 Softener to soften fabrics.


All Esporta operators must be trained and certified in order to use this washing system.  Tobin Cleaning & Restoration is proud to be fully trained and certified in order to help our customers preserve the contents of their homes after a disaster.  Call today to learn more about this state-of-the-art system!


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