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Through the years my carpet cleaning strategy has been to use my do-it-yourself carpet shampooer you can get at Wal Mart, or maybe even spring to rent a Rug Doctor from the grocery store. I went along for quite a few years thinking that my carpet was staying clean, after all, the water was always filthy when I would change it out. Then, last year I made a decision. I was going to get my carpet professionally cleaned.

I had recently started working for Tobin Restoration and decided to have them clean my carpets. I was expecting about the same results as my do it yourself methods, but was shocked and amazed at the outcome.

I had some stains that I had never been able to get out and within minutes the tech had my stains completely gone!

He sprayed the solution, raked my carpet and used hot water extraction to clean the carpet. At the end of a couple of hours my carpet looked as good as new! All the fibers that had previously been tamped down with all the foot traffic was now lofty and looked fantastic!

I had them put the stain guard on my carpet as well. I have five kids, and you can bet we have had spills including fruit punch on my carpet. With the stain guard applied, none of our spills have stained the carpet and were amazingly easy to clean up!

I was so pleased I had them come back and clean my tile and grout too! My grout was a very light color, and over time had darkened dramatically, but after Tobin cleaned it, the grout looked as bright as the day it was installed!

You can bet that I will be having Tobin Restoration clean my carpets every year!

Heather LaFever

Rigby, Idaho


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