Uncertainties are inevitable; however, nothing prepares you for the catastrophic effects of fire on your residential or commercial property. Dealing with the aftermath of a property going up in flames can be extremely painful. From smoke stains, charred remnants of belongings, and even water damage from fire hoses, returning to normality often seems impossible.

After the fire is extinguished, timing is critical. The damages caused by fire and smoke are complex—toxic chemicals, carcinogens, and other life-threatening risks may be present at the scene. Therefore, fire and smoke damage repair and restoration require skilled professionals.

Tobin Restoration is your most trusted service provider in fire and smoke damage restoration in and around Idaho Falls. We have a team of highly trained and certified experts who can handle a broad array of fire damage cases. We extensively survey your property to assess the extent of damage before creating solutions that will restore your home or business.


The most common mistake in preventing fire risk is overlooking the uncommon hazards. Even the most negligible hazard that doesn’t seem threatening can start a fire that would be impossible to contain in just a few minutes. Fire can start anywhere in the house, from hidden and potentially hazardous items, including cigarette butts, disposed matches, loose outlets, batteries in junk drawers, or laptops.

Modern residential and commercial designs can contain some fires in a single room. Even though this is an innovative solution to keep your property safe, the structural damage caused by fire and other factors increases the risk of additional fires to your property ‌.

Therefore, the best way to guarantee a complete recovery from fire damage is to consult a professional fire damage company. Tobin Restoration is a trusted company with extensive experience in fire and smoke damage restoration. We will inspect your home, bring actual and possible dangers to your attention, then repair and restore your property to ensure safety.


Smoke damage is an unavoidable consequence of fire. Many homeowners believe that smoke only leaves a light stain and odor, unlike fire hazards. Besides property damage, smoke leaves behind toxic residues that pose health risks. If left untreated, smoke damage can expose you to a diverse range of health complications, including:

  • Eye irritation and damage
  • Respiratory issues
  • Depressed immune system
  • Exposure to carbon monoxide
  • Throat and nose irritation
  • Oxygen supply issues
  • Heightened risk of cancer, lung disease, and cardiovascular disease

Smoke causes significant damage to your property. For instance, smoke damage will eat away at your furniture finishes, destroy electrical components, and taint your property’s paint because of its acidity. In some cases, untreated smoke will increase the possibility of another fire in the future.

It’s advisable to contact a reputable Idaho Falls restoration service company to clean areas exposed to smoke and restore your property to ensure it’s free from the aforementioned adverse effects. At Tobin Restoration, our team will use special equipment and products to remove smoke damage and odor. Our goal is to improve your indoor air quality.


In most cases, property owners are less likely to consider water damage after a fire outbreak, and if they do, they consider it last. However, this is not their fault because the fire department will almost always use large amounts of water to extinguish a fire, making it a challenge to notice water damage issues. The unattended water damage exposes your property to the risk of molds and dry rot in the long run. Once the fire is extinguished, it takes a highly trained set of eyes to identify and prevent water damage.

At Tobin Restoration, we understand different post-fire threats, including potential water damage. Therefore, we provide practical solutions to prevent subsequent damages to your property during restoration and recovery. In addition, we act quickly and efficiently to avoid the consequences of water damage and related issues.


Fires damages can go beyond the objects and areas affected by the blaze. Hazardous smoke residue and soot can last long after extinguishing the fire, and water damage effects are felt weeks or months later. The quicker you respond to fire damages, the better your chances of preventing subsequent issues. At Tobin Restoration, we fully understand that smoke residue is removable, its damage reversible, and water damage preventable. Our experienced technicians have the expertise to navigate the complexities of fire damage and will repair and restore your property in four steps.


We dispatch the local fire department once a fire is reported. This step aims to release the property and its environs and ensure it’s secure and safe before removal and restoration. Also, the property is released once investigations are complete.


The second step is the hardest and the most emotional. It begins once the property is released, and it involves identifying what items and possessions are salvageable and removing the debris from the scene.

Our team will work with you and your insurance provider through the entire process. We will ensure valuable items are removed, cleaned, and stored in our dedicated facility until they are safely returned. Our trained and equipped operators will also carefully remove lingering debris safely and efficiently.


Before construction work begins, our team will address actual and possible structural and health hazards. Where necessary, we will perform thermal deodorization to mitigate smoke damage and improve air quality. After cleaning up and sanitizing the area, the rebuilding process can begin.


Once the salvaging, removal, repair and restore processes are complete, the reconstruction begins. Tobin Restoration will work closely with you and your insurance adjuster to determine the extent of the damage and how we can effectively and efficiently restore your property.



We understand that a quick response can be the difference between a successful recovery and permanent damage. Therefore, we are always ready and prepared for your call. You can rest assured that we will show up on time.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art techniques and cleaning solutions, our fire damage repair and restoration services are up to the industry’s standards. As a result, we can increase the likelihood of saving your property without having to replace it.


Fire damage is complex; it requires a fully trained team of professionals to increase the chances of successful recovery. Fortunately, we have a thoroughly trained and certified in-house team of technicians, which has made us a leader in the restoration industry in Idaho Falls since 1971.


We keep you and your insurance company informed at every step of our process. Our goal is to keep everyone involved up to date on what is happening at all times, what to expect, and what to do to ensure complete restoration and recovery.


Fires are unpredictable; they can occur at any time. You want a reliable fire damage repair and restoration company that will show up whenever you call. Tobin Restoration is a company you can depend on. Our technicians are available 24/7, so you can count on us no matter the time.

Tobin Restoration is ready to help. Reach out to our team or call (208) 523-1080.

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