Clean is Clean When it Comes to Carpets

Some people have heard that cleaning causes carpets to become dirty faster. This may have been true back when soap, or a soapy substance, was used to attempt to get clean carpets.  However, if you go with a professional cleaning company you won’t have to worry about any soap being left behind and causing havoc on your carpet. Soap is designed to absorb and dissolve dirt so that the area you are cleaning is dirt-free.  However, the way soap is designed

The Cheaper the Better, Right? NO!

<img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-308″ title=”Cheaper isn’t Better” src=”” alt=”Cheaper isn’t Better” width=”230″ height=”152″ />The lowest, most inexpensive carpet cleaning company is going to give you only what you pay for: an inexpensively cleaned carpet.  In most cases, after any carpet cleaner comes, the carpet looks great.  But what about underneath what you can see? A basic clean carpet, meaning free of dirt, can be taken care of by any carpet cleaning company you find.  They’ll use some shampoo or something

Mediocre Cleaning Supplies

When going into the store you see aisle upon aisle of choices for everything.  There is an aisle for shampoo and an aisle for crackers, and an aisle for cleaners.  And in that row of cleaners you have a vast variety of brands, sizes, and specialties.  How can you know which carpet cleaner will do the job you want it to without leaving any residue behind to collect more dirt.  There is an answer to your shopping dilemma.  Use a

4 Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

There have always been myths and misconceptions regarding every facet of life. Idaho Falls carpet cleaning is no different. Here at Tobin Cleaning and Restoration we want to clear up these several misconceptions regarding carpet cleaning: waiting to clean your carpet, one cleaner is as good as any other, cleaning your carpets makes them get dirtier, and the lowest price is the best choice. Read through and discover what makes these seemingly good ideas, bad mistakes. Misconception #1 Misconception #2

Disasters Do Strike-Know Who to Call

It only takes a wayward spark from an innocent little electrical strip to start a house fire. It was an electrical strip that started a fire in the basement of this $800,000 home in Idaho Falls. Luckily, the entire house wasn’t destroyed, but the basement was hammered and the two other floors of the house suffered soot and smoke damage. Surveying the Disaster Zone Walking down the scorched steps down into the basement, there was no place that hadn’t been at least